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About The Clinic
The Clinic is operated from 176 Main Street Osborne Park WA 6017 by Dr Joseph McKay, a registered chiropractor.

Dr McKay completed the 5-year chiropractic program at RMIT University in Melbourne and has gained more than 30 years of clinical experience from both Australia and New Zealand. Over this period he has treated thousands of patients ranging in age from 3 weeks old through to 90 years old. Dr McKay is a member of Chiropractic Australia.

The Clinic offers a range of Chiropractic health and wellness services, including mobile Chiropractic services conducted at your place (work or home) and using a portable drop-piece table imported from the US.

Payment for your treatment at the end of each visit is easy. We offer the Square Chip Card Reader payment solution.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care supports emotional chemical and physical wellbeing. Adjustments may be done on your spine (that includes your neck to your lower back and pelvis) and on other joints of your body.

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Soft tissue work

Your chiropractor can treat soft tissue, which means your muscles, tendons and ligaments

Trigger point therapy

Therapy using massage and acupuncture stimulates blood flow.

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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio means motion. Your chiropractor does Kinesio taping to support any compromised joint function.

Other Chiro Health and Wellness Services

There are a range of other health and wellness services your chiropractor can offer you to improve and maintain your health

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  • 176 Main Street, Osborne Park Western Australia, Australia


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